ATL Extension

What is the ATL Extension?

The ATL Extension contains some utility classes, templates and class policies that complement the ATL.

Content of the ATL Extension

  • Persistence and Marshalling of STL collections
    • IPersistStreamInitOnSTLImpl
    • IMarshalOnSTLImpl
  • MBV for IPersistStream and IPersistStreamInit - the ATL way
    • IMarshalOnStreamImpl
  • Persistence and marshalling of common types
    • _Persist
    • _Persist<BSTR>
    • _Persist<VARIANT>
    • _PersistInterface
  • Generic persistence and marshalling functions
    • AtlPersistOnSTL_Load
    • AtlPersistOnSTL_Save
    • AtlPersistOnSTL_GetSizeMax
    • AtlIMarshal_GetUnmarshalClass
    • AtlIMarshalOnSTL_GetMarshalSizeMax
    • AtlIMarshalOnSTL_MarshalInterface
    • AtlIMarshalOnSTL_UnmarshalInterface
    • AtlIMarshalOnStream_GetMarshalSizeMax
    • AtlIMarshalOnStream_MarshalInterface
    • AtlIMarshalOnStream_UnmarshalInterface
  • Basic class templates
    • IPersistStreamInitBaseImpl
    • IMarshalBaseImpl

Download the ATL Extension

Last update: 2002/01/07

Please see The ATL Extension Series on MSDN for the implementation details and for a code sample making use of the ATL Extension.


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